Kira America is a U.S. company specializing in the sale and service of CNC machinery. Through our 20 years of excellence we have become known for our highly productive and highly reliable machines. We have over 6,000 machines installed at some of the largest global manufacturers in North America. With the recent expansion of our product line, Kira America now has machines for every need from the small job shop to the large high production supplier. If you have a need, Kira America has the right machine and right solution at a competitive price for you. Kira America’s machines are built with world class speed and power. Our machines are able to perform under extreme production demands and provide precision milling, turning, and superior accuracy.
Kira America - Midstates Logo
Kira Headquarters
Kira America Machining Center
Kira America - Midstates Logo
Kira America Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Center
Kira America Drill Tap Machining Center
Drill Tap Machines
Kira Drill Tap Machines
Vertical Machining Center
Kira Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Pallet Changers
Kira Vertical Pallet Changer
Twin Spindle Machines
Kira Twin Spindle VMC
Horizontal Machining Center
Traveling Column
Kira Horizontal Machining Center Travelling Column
Turning Centers
Kira Turning Center
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3 Machine Robot Cell
Kira HPC- 30Vb 2 APC
Practical Machinist
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